Feltboard Easter Story {with printable template}


Thought I’d pop in to share the felt board story we’ve been using the past few years for Easter. This year I’ve updated with the corresponding Jesus Storybook Bible pages based on Luke 22-24 & Mark 14-16. Have your child place the pieces of the story and read along using the JSB or any Bible beginning in Luke 22 or Mark 14.  Alternately, you could retell the story using the condensed summary see below.


Felt Resurrection Template <—-Click to download.  Print & cut then trace onto felt (colors indicated.)


Note: Felt is ideal but you could also use construction paper or cardstock. I tried to make the templates as simple as possible and interchangeable for future Bible stories.  For example, the Mary template could be used for other women in the Bible and the Jesus template could be used for other male figures in the Bible.  Some glue may be needed to assemble pieces.


New Life


“The nice days.”  My little boy excitedly responds when asked what comes to mind when he thinks of spring.

“Anything else?”  I prompt.  ”When you look out the window, what do you see?”

“Flowers.”  He goes on to list his bike, a construction crane, and various other items strewn across the grass.

All signs of…life.  Dashes of new color and fresh fragrant smells greet the senses and invite children outside to play.  Eggs and crosses and bunnies decorate our homes as we anticipate this “season within a season” we call Easter.

There are many reasons to celebrate life.  My prayer is that we pause between the bites of brunch and chocolate eggs to remember the empty tomb and how Jesus died so that we might have life!

Here is a peek into the life of a boy named Judah –  a video that certainly will light up your day and stir your heart.  Enjoy!

“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”  John 10:10

Winter Blues


Have you seen them?

Sandwiched between dreary-doldrum days they pop up here and sometimes there.

Just when the gray threatens to swallow us — whole — they break through.

Even in the season of crippling cold and brittle bones

These glimpses of hope — these cyan beauties — surprise and delight.

Winter Blues.

Not the kind of miserable melancholy that binds and casts us down

But the brilliant steel-blue that eagerly meets the landscape of stark white

Illuminating, inviting:

What if we look at winter blues in a brand new light? 

Nineteen into Fourteen



I had this title planned for the 14th day of this month. “Fourteen into Fourteen.” In said post I had planned to share a little about the first two weeks of January. Now we’re to the 19th of the month which is where the stand-in-not-as-clever title for this post comes from. Nonetheless, it’s still an update of the year so far; a few days doesn’t make a huge difference in the grand scheme. Happy New Year!

19 Into 14

Snow has graced 2014 a couple of times as have frigid cold temperatures. We’ve managed to sleigh ride and complete just about everything on Tyler’s “winter checklist” save the snowman building (too cold!). This includes spontaneous snow angels, makeshift ice skating, and plenty of hot chocolate with marshmallows and melted candy canes. One day it was so cold we barely left the couch (living) room except for important necessities.

We rang in the New Year with extended family playing the one and only bowl game, talking/laughing, and taking group photos. The handy tripod and timer on the camera helped us capture a decent picture of all fourteen of us. Fourteen! There she is. Now I feel slightly better about missing the 14th of the month.

2014 has also brought a continued interest in geography for Tyler. Our map box is getting fuller and state maps, atlases, and a globe decorate our floors. I bought a “chocolate passport” with different chocolates from around the world for Christmas and then we locate them on the maps. The favorites so far are the Dominican Republic and Papua New Guinea. Cars, trains, and any other vehicle travel all over the house country and world care of my son’s imagination!

Pete is thinking about relaunching a blog about the American lawn. He’s passionate about sustainability and helping homeowners create and maintain lawns that are ecologically-friendly and save money. Once it’s up and running I’ll share the link.

As for the Momma, the year has brought a serious headache/pain. It comes and goes but has pretty much been a steady companion since New Year’s Eve. Most days I can manage but I can’t say I enjoy the company. Certainly, the wacky weather and a few doses of anxiety could be players in this, but I’m going to a specialist soon to try to see what’s going on. I appreciate your prayers!



Ho-Hum, Give Thanks


Here we are in the Ho-Hum of November.

The brilliance of October color departs us and we stand well ahead of the end of the month when we gleefully gather and feast with loved ones and then, anticipate the birth of the Savior.

But what about the in-between lingering days?

I thought I’d share some in-the-thick-of-fall inspiration to whet the appetite before we enter into the celebration of the beautiful seasons of Thanksgiving and Advent.


decorations & photo by: Hannah E.

READING: Friends’ thankful lists including the safe return and adoption of this family’s boy after a long journey of praying, waiting, traveling; Future Grace by John Piper.  This.book.is.amazing.  So far, it’s revolutionized how I think about grace;

LIVING ART: So many friends (online and in real life) sharing their art in a million little ways, inspired by Emily Freeman’s book; a dear friend’s display (pictured, above) using this Thanks Giving Tree printable.

THIS REMEDY –> Sounds strange but it really does work for a sore throat using honey, cayenne pepper, and fresh garlic.

LISTENING: Rend Collective & Bethel Music; the Searchlight podcast by Jon Courson.  He’s been going through Genesis and focussing on prayer.  Ever wondered about prayer?  Not sure this “prayer stuff” works?  Courson talks about how prayer changes everything.  He quotes an anonymous soldier, and I’ll leave you with the full text:


How about you– what’s your ho-hum hum-drum inspiration?