{31 Jours} Day 25: Oh là là

All week we’ve been looking at French expressions.

Today, we bring you three words you will surely recognize.

Oh là là!

You use this expression, or interjection, to show surprise or disappointment to something.  It’s a strong reaction.

The reason we share this particular expression is because we often see it used as ooh là là with “ooh” instead of “oh.”

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{31 Jours} Day 24: Bof!

Today, we introduce you to a little word with a lotta meaning.


There is really no literal way to translate the word and the best way to describe it is it’s the verbal form of what we know as a shrug.  In fact, when you say bof in French you do in fact, shrug your shoulders…perhaps “whatever” or “meh” to show your indifference or doubt about something.  This is an informal expression.

Watch Leyla’s video over on YouTube to hear a little more about this word and mostly, the difficulty that even a French speaker has in translating it.  Hang on to the end of the video for an important note on pronunciation.

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