Granola On My Mind

Even though the calendar says that it’s fall and pumpkins appear in store windows and on porches, our “summer” has finally arrived! In July and August, it wasn’t unusual to have my son bundled up in his winter coat & hat on morning walks. ┬áIf you ever plan a visit to San Francisco/Sonoma/Napa, I suggest coming in September and October. The mornings are cool and sometimes foggy but mostly the fog hits during the summer months, hence “June gloom.” The afternoons right now are bright, clear, and warm.
“Perfect 10” days beckon us outside. Who wants to be inside?
This explains why I haven’t been much in the mood to bake, but a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to bake something fall-ish and was inspired to make my own granola. I’ve tried various brands of granola over the years and haven’t found one I’m crazy about; they’ve been either too sugary or too expensive.
So, I figured why not try it for myself?